Analysis of relevant standards for the design and production of dust-removing cloth bags (Part3)

Nov 19, 2021

Precautions for installation of dust collector filter bag:


dust collector filter bag

1) New technology and old dust clothfelt filterbags should not be mixed to avoid the difference in damage time from affecting the normal operation of the dust removal equipment.


2) The aging of clothfilter sleeves. Mainly due to the following reasons, it is necessary to investigate the cause, take elimination measures and replace theneedle punched feltdust filter bag.①It hardens and shrinks due to abnormal high temperature;②Reacts due to contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor;③Reacts with moisture.


3) The filter clothfabricsshould not be hung too loosely or too tightly. Too loose and easy to accumulate dust, and too tight to be easily damaged.


4) After replacing the clothsock sleeves for dust collection, blow it with compressed air first, and then check for any holes. After the holes are repaired, they will be kept for replacement. If the cloth bag is stuck with dust, rinse it with water, and leave it to be replaced after it has dried.


5) The clogging of the dust bag for baghouse. When thecement industrial non woven dustclothfilterbag is clogged, the resistance increases, which can be reflected by the increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge. The clogging of the cloth bag is the main reason for the phenomenon of cloth bag filter wear, perforation, falling off and so on. For the cause of the clogging of the dustremovalbag for dust collection, check and repair according to the following table. Generally, the following measures are taken:①Temporarily strengthen dust removal to eliminate the clogging of the cloth bag;②Partially or completely replace the100% ptfe cloth filter socks;③Adjust the installation and operating conditions.


The calculation formula for the price of dustfilter socks&sleeves:


We will show you how to calculate the price ofdust collector filter sleeves with the most commonly used materials.


The formula is: (caliber x3.14+0.03) x length x unit price. In this way, the price of a cloth bag can be calculated.


The caliber here refers to the opening of thecell plate you installed, and the unit price refers to the price per square meter (the price is different for different manufacturers according to different materials)


Application range of dust bag sleeves for asphalt mixing industry:


Flue gas treatment and dust removal systems in ironworks, steelworks, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, etc.


Waste incinerators, coal-fired boilers, fluidized bed boilers and other flue gas filtration.


Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites.


Smelting flue gas filtration of aluminum electrolysis, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals, recovery of fine materials, separation of liquid and solid.


Liquid-solid separation and fine material recovery in the fields of chemicals, coke, carbon black, dyes, pharmaceuticals, plastics, etc.


Dust treatment and purification collection in mining, grain processing, flour, electronics industry, wood processing, etc.

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