Application characteristics of the new bag filter (1)

Jan 19, 2022
As environmental protection emission requirements become more and more stringent, bag dust removal equipment is also changing with each passing day. Today, we will introduce the main application characteristics of the new bag dust collector compared with traditional dust collectors:

(1) The overall weight of the new type of bag filter tends to be lighter. There are two main reasons. One is that the dust bag is short and small, which can (and needs) achieve the close arrangement of the pattern holes in the structure, and the overall outline of the dust collector becomes smaller; The second is the use of air box pulse cleaning, which saves a lot of injection pipes compared with the line injection pulse dust collector. Of course, due to the increase in the height of the dust collector, the material and structural design of load-bearing structures such as steel frames need to be stronger, and the weight of this part is increasing;

(2) The new type of bag filter sleeves mainly uses the dust bag as the core component, which occupies a small area, only about 1/2 of that of the low-pressure long bag filter (including the maintenance steel frame on both sides); The profile height is more than 2 times that of the low pressure long bag filter. Of course, the specific value can vary with different projects, but this feature is common, and there are significant quantitative differences;

(3) The new type of dust collector filter bag adopts air box pulse type dust cleaning, and the specifications of the pulse valve are (1.5~2.5)×2.54cm, which is (3~4)×2.54cm submerged pulse valve which is typically configured by the low pressure long bag filter. The specifications are small, and the number is also reduced, and the economic cost is significantly reduced. In particular, the cancellation of the blowing pipe of the new type of bag filter and the fact that the dust removal unit can be taken out and replaced with bags for maintenance greatly reduces the maintenance difficulty of the dust collector, and the labor environment of the maintenance workers is relatively improved;

(4) In terms of the structure of the dust collector, in order to realize off-line maintenance, the traditional low-pressure long-bag dust collector has valves at the inlet and outlet of the bag chamber, which are called sub-chamber valves and poppet valves in the industry. Compared with the pulse dust collector, the mechanical sedimentation type dust removal effect is worse, and it is not as good as the air box pulse dust collector in terms of handling the dust concentration of the flue gas; the new bag filter combines the inlet and outlet valves of the bag chamber into one, which is set in the clean air chamber. Off-line valve, which saves cost, avoids the disadvantage of many failures at the chamber valve, and also makes it inherit the characteristics of the strong mechanical sedimentation and dust removal effect of the air box pulse dust collector. It should be noted that this creates a new weakness. When each dust removal unit is repaired offline, the offline valve acts as a chamber valve, and the lower surface of the valve plate will come into contact with the dust-containing original flue gas. During the period of time, the concentration of flue gas and dust emitted by the dust removal unit will slightly increase (in this case, the emission of 1/100 of the total dust removal unit of the dust collector may exceed the standard, and the impact on the overall dust removal index is not obvious)

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