Catalytic combustion is used in the field of organic waste gas treatment

Feb 09, 2022
The production process of petrochemical, paint, electroplating, printing, coating, tire manufacturing and other industries involves the use and emission of organic volatile compounds. Harmful organic volatiles are usually hydrocarbon compounds, oxygen-containing organic compounds, chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus and halogen organic compounds. If these volatile organic compounds are directly discharged into the atmosphere without treatment, they will cause serious environmental pollution. Traditional organic waste gas purification and treatment methods (such as adsorption, condensation, direct combustion, etc.) all have shortcomings, such as easy to cause secondary pollution. In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional organic waste gas treatment methods, people use catalytic combustion methods to purify organic waste gas.

The catalytic combustion method is a practical and simple organic waste gas purification and treatment technology. This technology is a method of deeply oxidizing organic molecules on the surface of the catalyst and converting them into harmless carbon dioxide and water, also known as catalytic complete oxidation or catalytic deep oxidation. . The invention is a catalytic combustion technology of industrial benzene waste gas, which uses a low-cost non-precious metal catalyst. The catalyst is basically composed of CuO, MnO2, copper manganese spinel, ZrO2, CeO2, zirconium, and cerium solid solution, which can greatly reduce catalytic combustion. The reaction temperature can be improved, the catalytic activity can be improved, and the life of the catalyst can be greatly extended. The invention relates to a catalytic combustion catalyst, which is used for the purification and treatment of organic waste gas. The coating of the catalyst is composed of composite oxides formed by Al2O3, SiO2 and one or several alkaline earth metal oxides, so it has good high temperature resistance.

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