Microscopic observation to identify various fibers

Jan 25, 2022
  Principle: Using a microscope to observe the longitudinal and cross-sectional morphological characteristics of fibers to identify various fibers is a widely used method.

  Method: Take a small bunch of samples, straighten them by hand, clip about 10 fibers and place them on a glass slide, cover with a cover glass, and drop a drop of distilled water on each of the two diagonals of the cover glass to make the cover glass. Glass slides and glass slides are adhered to increase the clarity of the field of view, and the longitudinal cross-sectional characteristics of the fibers are observed. Use Y172 fiber slicer to make fiber cross-sectional slices and observe fiber cross-sectional characteristics.

  Scope of application: It can not only identify single-component fibers, but also identify blended products mixed with multiple components.

  Characteristic example: Most of the cross-sections of PPS, polyester and other fibers are circular, longitudinally smooth, and rod-shaped; PTFE fibers are flat; the cross-section of imported P84 fibers shows a trilobal structure under the microscope.

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