Celebrating the First Anniversary of Yuanchen Group's Listing (Stock Code: 688659)

Apr 01, 2022
  There is a kind of perseverance, which is where the feelings come, with time as the proof, the precipitation of the years, and the ambition to never retreat.

Dedicated to the blue sky, helping Double Carbon, with perseverance, Yuanchen Technology constantly surpasses itself and travels the world.

Those who do not seek the easy will succeed, and those who do not seek refuge will advance. In 2005, Yuanchen Technology rose in the economic wave, started tenaciously on the thick soil of Jianghuai, deeply cultivated Hefei, led the country, and sailed the world.

After more than ten years of trials and hardships, Yuanchen Technology has always had its original intentions, and has always thought about it, adhering to the core values of "customer-oriented, eternal service, sincere Yuanchen, and innovation", and strives to be a century-old enterprise with persistence and inheritance.

Although the night is dark and cool, there must be dawn when we move forward. On March 31, 2021, Yuanchen Technology was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 688659), which is a day that all Yuanchen people will always remember.

The cold goes away overnight, and the spring comes every five days! In the past year, Yuanchen Technology has been forging ahead and working hard, leading the new direction of industry innovation, expanding the new track of industry development, and continuously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise with the help of capital, so as to further enhance the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and significantly enhance the brand influence.

The new mission is inspiring, and the new starting point is exciting!

Looking forward to the future, our original intention remains unchanged, and the pace of development towards the future and the pursuit of excellence will not stop.

We will uphold the promise of "becoming the guardian of the global ecological environment", meet new challenges with pragmatism, responsibility, enterprising and innovation, and walk on the bright road with swagger.

The road is long and long, and the road is coming. Only with the spirit of struggle can we demonstrate the brilliance of first-class enterprises.

Keep going, the future is bright! Only effective struggle can create a century-old classic of Yuanchen!

The journey is long, but I have to sing all the way, and run to tomorrow smartly!

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