Yuanchen Technology Party Branch Holds 2021 Annual Organization Life Meeting

Mar 29, 2022

Recently, Yuanchen Technology Party Branch held the 2021 annual organization life meeting. With the theme of thoroughly studying and implementing Jinping Xi Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and studying and implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Municipal Party Committee, all party members take the lead in conducting criticism and self-criticism, and strictly implement the party's organizational life system. Learn and experience in the exchange of ideas and collisions, find gaps and deficiencies, and clarify the direction of efforts.

Before the meeting, all party members of Yuanchen Technology, in the form of a party group, closely focused on the theme of the meeting, adopted individual self-study, group discussions, etc., carefully studied the contents of the documents, solicited opinions and suggestions extensively, actively accepted supervision, conducted in-depth heart-to-heart talks, and carefully wrote Check the materials and build a solid ideological foundation for the organization and life meeting.

At the meeting, Comrade Liang Yan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Yuanchen Science and Technology, reported the work of the Party Branch of Yuanchen Science and Technology in 2021 and the main work content in 2022 according to the relevant requirements, notified the branch team of the comparison and inspection, and took the lead in carrying out criticism and self-criticism. The members of the branch put down their burdens, opened their hearts, the "unity-criticism-unity" policy, comprehensively searched for problems and deficiencies in the performance of organizational functions, party members' vanguard and exemplary abilities, etc., and humbly accepted opinions and suggestions; the majority of party members insisted on "putting themselves Go in, put your responsibilities in, put your work in" principle, through heart-to-heart conversation, candid exchange of ideas, communication of existing problems, exchange of opinions and suggestions, and in-depth investigation and investigation of the existence of Problems, serious criticism and self-criticism.

After listening to everyone's speeches, Comrade Liang Yan, Secretary of the Party Branch of Yuanchen Science and Technology, believed that the meeting carried out intensive study as required, extensively solicited the opinions of Party members and the masses, and conducted in-depth conversations. , The theme of the meeting is clear, the procedures are in place, the organization is well-organized, serious, and the purpose of unifying thinking and common improvement has been achieved.

Finally, Comrade Liang Yan made a statement. First, establish a list of problems and make rectifications against the benchmarks. All party members should take this organization life meeting as an opportunity. After the meeting, they should list the problems investigated and criticized at the organization life meeting and the criticisms of others into the rectification list, refine the rectification measures, and the rectification time limit, so as to stamp on the stone and grasp the iron. Mark's work style and high-spirited and enterprising mental state do a good job of final implementation.

Second, we must give full play to the role of party members and strengthen responsibility. Performance is done, and real performance can only be achieved if you work hard. It is necessary to implement the new development concept with new responsibilities and new tasks, focus on the company's annual goals and tasks, carefully plan and implement various tasks, and implement detailed quality management, risk prevention and control, product delivery and other work, and contribute to the completion of annual goals and tasks. .

The third is to strengthen self-cultivation and improve comprehensive ability. For party members and cadres, strengthening self-cultivation is a lifetime thing, and they must constantly transform themselves, improve themselves, and perfect themselves in the spirit of self-revolution. It is necessary to maintain a "sense of panic" at all times, strive to learn from the revolutionary ancestors and advanced models, do their job well in a down-to-earth manner, continuously improve their ability and quality, and effectively unify the thoughts and actions of all employees into the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and unify them to the company's high-quality Development, and comprehensively promote the vigorous development of the company's various undertakings.

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