Chasing the most youthful wind on the most beautiful road

Oct 18, 2022
Chasing the most youthful wind on the most beautiful road. In order to celebrate the victory of the 20th Party Congress, respond to the call of national fitness, guide all employees to be physically fit, and create a healthy and upward corporate culture atmosphere, on October 16, Yuanchen Technology organized a health running card activity at Nanyan Lake, calling on all employees to keep the exercise habit and celebrate the victory of the 20th Party Congress with a healthy and upward posture.

In the golden autumn, the blue sky, the green lake and the colorful natural vegetation decorated the scenery of Nanyan Lake Park, and the scenery along the park was beautiful and pleasant, with the sparkling river, lush trees, flags flying in the wind and the enthusiastic running figures of the participants forming a beautiful scenery.

The family members of Yuanchen who participated in the activity were full of energy and vigor. During the running process, they chased after each other and showed no weakness. The red figures shuttled between the green trees and beautiful water and enjoyed the competition of "speed and passion" along the park, while feeling the happiness brought by sports, they also appreciated the scenery along the way and experienced the beauty of the beautiful Nanyan Lake environment and the new appearance, showing the true color of youthfulness.

The end of the activity does not mean that the movement stops. In the future, we will continue to carry out various kinds of colorful, close to life and participatory sports and fitness activities to guide our family members to have fun in sports, enhance their physical fitness, stimulate their motivation, and inject youthful vitality into the development of the enterprise and society with stronger cohesion, better mental outlook and higher enthusiasm. We will create more and more values and live up to the most beautiful youth.
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