Yuanchen Technology 2022 Drucker Performance Excellence Training Camp Anhui 4th training session successfully concluded

Oct 13, 2022

From 8th to 10th October, Yuanchen Technology specially organised the core team to attend the 4th Drucker Performance Excellence Training Camp——Anhui [Innovation and Entrepreneurship] training to make it clear to middle and senior managers that innovation is the responsibility of every manager and it starts with consciously looking for opportunities. The only way to maintain an advantageous position in the wave of industry changes is to continuously innovate.

This training was taught by Mr. Liu Kai, a senior lecturer of Drucker School of Management, who taught the Drucker "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" course in a humorous and systematic way, from the 5 aspects of "establishing innovative thinking, discovering innovative opportunities, managing the innovation process, practicing entrepreneurship and harvesting summaries". "Innovation is the creation of "new" value for customers and is a purposeful practice that can be taught and learnt as a discipline. Entrepreneurship is about making the practice of innovation the norm in business, constantly creating customers, and entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs) should purposefully look for sources of innovation, for changes and signs that signal opportunities for successful innovation.

The whole training site had a lively atmosphere with constant climaxes. Mr Liu used a combination of case studies, group discussion presentations and live debates as a teaching mode, which participated in promoting the concentration of colleagues attending the training, with everyone actively expressing their own views and insights, and everyone pooling their wisdom and ideas.

Peter Drucker said that management is a truly liberal art. The most important thing to learn from Drucker is to understand the principles behind it. Only in this way can we not waste the precious goodwill and innate creativity of each individual.

At this point, the core team of Drucker Performance Excellence Training Camp of Yuanchen Technology has been successfully completed. Participants have expressed that this training is full of dry goods, and they will continue to strengthen their learning, combine what they have learned and their job responsibilities, combine their personal goals with corporate goals, transform the theoretical knowledge they have learned into practical work, continuously crack the problems and difficulties they encounter in their work through innovative thinking and methods, in order to better achieve their business goals and organizational goals, and strive to improve their management capabilities to support The company's high quality development, together in drawing a beautiful blueprint for the enterprise to leave a strong and colourful stroke.

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