Dedication, customer first--Note: Hu Chengjie, the after-sales engineer of Yuanchen Technology

Oct 12, 2022
In the ordinary work, diligent and conscientious, is his most realistic portrayal. Step by step, in this post he is familiar with, regardless of honor and disgrace, his style remains the same, busy. With his hard work and sweat, he irrigated the fruit of the harvest! He is the after-sales engineer of Yuanchen Technology - Hu Chengjie.

Customer-oriented, to become an all-round "warrior"

Communication with customers, tracking the installation, commissioning and operation of products in the project, timely understanding of receiving customer feedback, providing after-sales technical support, and providing regular reports and problem follow-up forms, this is one of the main work content of Hu Chengjie.

Hu said that as an after-sales engineer, to become an all-round "warrior", both in the product installation training and maintenance work to continuously sharpen their skills, but also to establish good communication with various departments to assist sales in customer maintenance work.

Sometimes in the product installation training process, if some details are not told in place, it will cause an increase in workload and customer efficiency later, which may directly reduce customer satisfaction with the company's products.

"More for the sake of the customer, in the details of the real work of our Yuanchen Technology customer-oriented." This is Hu Chengjie's experience summary of years of service work. He knows well that good service can bring good reputation, and good reputation can bring more new customers. "We may need to speak many times to customers about products and services, but customers may only need to speak once to customers."

Gold cup and silver cup, not as good as the customer's word of mouth. Hu Chengjie stressed that when communicating with customers, we must pay attention to the way and attitude, as engineers, our after-sales service affects the quality of after-sales technical services.

His own words and actions are representative of the company, both to solve problems efficiently and to enhance customer satisfaction with the company.

During the years of work, Hu always takes "customer first" as the concept, and firmly believes in the mission of Yuanchen Technology to create maximum value for customers and provide excellent products and services for customers.
To enrich oneself, we should always keep the heart of learning

If what sales need to do is to be able to answer customers' professional questions, eliminate customers' doubts about buying the company's products, and enhance customers' confidence in the superior performance of the company's products, then as an after-sales engineer, they are not only facing customers' specific questions about product performance and application, but also mastering professional and excellent technical knowledge, which requires them to be in a state of learning all the time, constantly updating and fill their knowledge reserve.

As an after-sales engineer, Hu Chengjie said, we can't stop learning. With the continuous updating of customer needs, we will always encounter problems such as updates, there will always be new product performance needs to understand it, we must constantly enrich their knowledge base and the ability to solve new problems, to enrich their knowledge and improve the ability to solve problems.

But the learning thing does not lie in whether there is someone to teach you, the important thing is to have the awareness and persistence. Hu Chengjie said, as long as there is no service tasks, he will be a hard to learn, to practice, and meet the problems do not understand the old staff to ask for advice. This is how skills are accumulated from little by little, and soon, Hu Chengjie will be skilled in the handling of common problems. Practice makes true knowledge, but solid theory is the foundation, as long as there is an opportunity, Hu Chengjie will actively participate in a variety of maintenance skills training courses to improve their technical level.

Over time, Hu has gained the hearts of customers with his excellent technology and attentive service, so that customers naturally think of him when they encounter problems in the first place, and he has not failed to meet customers' expectations, solving various problems successfully every time.
Hard struggle, to shoulder the responsibility mission

Hebei, Shandong, Zhejiang ...... In these years in Yuanchen Technology, Hu Chengjie's footprints spread all over the north and south of the country, continuously drifting in the company's various client sites, in his words: "The journey of the after-sales engineer is to withstand the dullness, solve the problem, propose a solution, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of Not afraid of tiredness".

But this also makes his family a little more guilt, "for the children's companionship is almost zero, the family is the wife to handle all the big and small things." Hu Chengjie said frankly, very grateful to the family's dedication and understanding, so that he can devote himself to every after-sales service without distractions.

The work task that can resist to bravely resist, can not resist to communicate with the company's technical team in a timely manner, and take the initiative to promote problem solving, lone soldier fighting the customer site behind, there are so many Duchen R & D partners of intellectual and remote support.

Details determine success or failure, the pursuit of small improvements, the achievement of extraordinary.

After-sales service is a very exercise position, busy and full of work atmosphere, remind themselves to pay attention to details, to constantly improve their overall ability, to become an all-round player, as well as understand the importance of teamwork.

Hu Chengjie confesses that he has to keep a positive and good attitude every day, actively cooperate with customers' needs, which is also an important continuation of work after sales, and do his best to contribute to the company and create revenue.

Love your line of work, love your line of work. No matter in which job, as long as you put your heart into it, you can always make a career and realize your life value. There is a road under everyone's feet, and Hu Chengjie tells us with practical action that as a young person in the new era, we should always recognize the responsibility we are carrying, to be ambitious and down-to-earth, to live up to the times, and to live up to live up to your youth. (Yuanchen Technology)
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