Dust filter bag selection——Acrylic bags(2/2)

Nov 03, 2022
Acrylic needle punching felt dust bag, chemically known as polyacrylonitrile, is made of acrylic by needle punching method and then treated with a special water repellent treatment to obtain acrylic medium temperature hydrolysis resistant needle punching filter felt. It is woven with imported fibres and is a medium temperature material with good resistance to acid and alkali and hydrolysis. Needle felts are made of acrylic woven fabric to enhance the longitudinal and transverse strength. It has excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is widely used in waste incineration, asphalt, dryers, coal mills, power plants and other flue gas dust collection.

Acrylic fiber needle-punched filter felt dust bag raw materials imported from abroad, its medium-temperature field heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant high-performance fibers with flame retardant properties. Compared with ordinary acrylic dust bag, it has higher temperature resistance, with a continuous working temperature of 130°C. Compared with polyester (polyester) or other acrylic fibres, it has better alkali resistance and resistance to the corrosion of gases such as SO2, O2 and O3. This acrylic dust bag shows good resistance to organic solvents, oxidisers, inorganic and organic acids at temperatures below 125. It does not hydrolyse, so it is particularly important to replace polyester (polyester) needle felt filter bags with manufactured products at low temperatures where there is chemical corrosion and moisture.

Medium temperature acrylic needle felted dust bag is a plain base cloth on a layer of short fibres, with a barbed needle vertically moving up and down the surface of the cloth, with a needle to tie the fibres to the base cloth yarn velvet seam to go, base cloth on both sides are laid two or more fibre layer, repeated needle punching forming, and then by various treatments into two sides with pile needle felted structure of the filter media. Needle felted dust filter media has good filtration effect, low resistance, easy to clean ash, waterproof and oil-proof, anti-condensation and other characteristics after various post-treatment processes.
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