Zhang Zhang, a mechanical engineer with a knack for solving problems

Nov 07, 2022

The way you approach your work determines the height of your life.

He is not a good speaker, but a quick thinker. Since joining Yuanchen Technology in 2021, Zhang Zhang, a mechanical engineer, has never talked about suffering and fatigue, but has always been dedicated to his work and constantly innovated to promote the maintenance and upgrading of equipment. In the words of others, he is always there when there is a problem with the equipment. With him, problems are always solved.

Perseverance in learning and "progressing" again and again

Everyone has their own path, and everyone's path is made one step at a time by themselves.

Persistence and perseverance are the distinctive character traits of Zhang Zhang. Since he started working, he has always faced up to difficult problems on the road of equipment maintenance, improvement and design, and has been constantly researching and exploring.

The year 2022 is a year full of opportunities and challenges. Under the leadership of Mr Xu, Zhang Zhang is deeply aware of the importance of learning. "As a technician of the new era, it is not only important to know what you know, but also to know what you know." Zhang Zhang recalls that since coming to Yuanchen Technology, he gradually felt that he had a lack of knowledge and understanding. Experience is accumulated through continuous work and learning, and when he encountered problems he did not understand at work, he asked his teachers for advice again and again, and when he returned home from work at night, he carefully thought back on what he had learned during the day and recorded his feelings. As time went on, he recorded more and more of his thoughts and his professional skills kept increasing.

The strength of the craftsman lies in his rigorous demands on himself. As his skills continue to improve and his operations become more skilled and stable, Zhang Zhang keeps learning other job skills and practising his skills on the basis of his ability to improve this job. In order to let their skills keep pace with the development of the times, do not drag the company's legs. "Doing work, there is no best, only better!" Since entering Yuanchen Technology, Zhang Zhang has always adhered to this credo.

"When I first started working, I didn't have the concept of craftsmanship in my head, but I thought that since I had chosen this line of work, I should be down-to-earth and work with my heart." Zhang Zhang believes that "craftsman" is a person who works seriously every day, who is down-to-earth, who is very dedicated to his work, especially to innovation, whether it is technology, mentality or a high level, who faces problems and difficulties head-on, "if he can't solve them, he can look up information, find colleagues, ask experts and so on, in short, that is By all means, get it sorted out."

Solving a problem at the front line

Mechanical engineers are like doctors, they find more fulfilment when they treat their machines as patients. While some time is spent on theory and management, more often than not, they have to face the field and talk directly to the production equipment. In Zhang Zhang's words, as a mechanical engineer, you have to solve the problems encountered in production, but also to anticipate possible problems, and constantly optimise solutions to reduce risks.

Problems have to be solved. The company's extruder spiral has always been prone to wear and tear, coupled with high procurement costs, often delaying production and causing incalculable economic losses. What to do? It is said that there is a god on the production site. In order to solve the whole problem, he rushed to the site at the first time, after careful investigation, understanding and analysis of the use of extruder spiral and the causes of wear, combined with their own experience, after consulting a lot of information, and on the basis of testing, through a new process design extruder all kinds of spiral, after processing through flame spraying to improve mechanical wear resistance, successfully increased the service life of the apparatus, saving costs nearly 220,000 yuan / set, the year according to 5 sets of replacement volume, a total saving of 1.1 million yuan.

In addition, the original drawings of the modular parts were drawn directly by the manufacturer and quoted, there were weight differences, the actual weight of a single set differed from the weight of the drawings by about 10kg, and the price difference of a single set was 60 yuan. Understand the reason, Zhang Zhang while consulting industry teachers, while drilling into the books to learn to master the information optimization, through the three-dimensional model and calculation formula, by the process of drawing and accounting for weight, according to the actual weight of the quotation, and strengthen the control of the drawings, saving a lot of costs.

"Mindset is important, when you encounter a tricky problem or challenging task, whether you treat it as an extra burden or an extra learning opportunity depends entirely on your mindset. Think of a hot potato as a self-challenge, there are unimaginable rewards to be gained from the challenge."

Breakthroughs and Innovations Winning praise

He takes on a few more hot potatoes and treats them as precious growth opportunities. In Zhang Zhang's opinion, these small problems in the work are not really a challenge, the real challenge is how to break through their own inertial thinking and achieve technical innovation.

He believes that the equipment industry is relatively mature in terms of technology, and many things can be used directly, but to a certain extent, this will let himself fall into a lazy mindset, and will not consciously take the initiative to explore and study new technologies. Once such inertia is formed whether for their own future development, or for the development of the industry itself is not a good phenomenon, therefore must be proactive in the work of innovation, efforts to dig, to find, to explore new things.

How can we improve our efficiency in a time-critical and task-heavy situation? This is a situation that Zhang Zhang often encounters. However, he has found his own little trick, which is to use the PDCA cycle, commonly used in quality management, as a guideline to improve the execution of his work. The first step is to make a plan with careful analysis, while setting a time point. The second step is to start the time point and execute it firmly without compromise. The third step is to check the progress in stages and not to let the boss's time jump the table; the fourth step is to come up with an action plan to catch up with the progress. What he says must be done, and what he does must be done, and this has been translated into real action here.

If you do something in the world, it will be easy for the difficult ones. He said: "Innovation is not only about innovative working methods, but also about innovative thinking. For example, Mr Xu, because he usually has more contact time with him, he is more in-depth, comprehensive and forward-looking than us. By combining innovative thinking with innovative working methods, we can not only improve our efficiency, complete our work with quality and quantity, but also continuously improve our own working ability, and at the same time take more time to spend with our family, which is the best of all three worlds!"

Asked what motivates him to work hard, Zhang Zhang said, "At the beginning, the biggest motivation was interest. I grew up enjoying working with my hands and brain, so after graduation I chose a career as a mechanical engineer. Later, as my working hours increased day by day, the sense of achievement brought to me by this job constantly motivated me to work hard and improve myself.

"It is very fortunate to be able to work with Zhang Zhang, and I can feel a sense of strength from him all the time" "Whenever there is a need, he is always the first to appear at the scene. No matter how complicated the problems he encounters, he never backs down or gets discouraged, he always finds a solution" "No matter how hard the work is, he never complains in the slightest and always puts his head down and works hard" ......

Persistent, persistent, serious and attentive, this is Zhang Zhang. "There's no particular change, it's pretty much the same as before, getting the daily things right." When it comes to the feelings of winning the monthly "advanced person" of Yuanchen Technology some time ago, Zhang Zhang is "not surprised". But he also stressed that this honour is also a spur, pressure is also motivation. He said, "Enterprises need craftsmanship, and only by adhering to the craftsmanship spirit, not shirking and not retreating when encountering technical problems, taking more initiative to move forward, taking responsibility and thinking of more ways to innovate, can we create greater value."

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