FMS cloth filter bag for dust collection bag selection (below)

Dec 15, 2021

FMS dust bag is a new type of high temperature filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It has the advantages of using alkali-free glass fiber as the raw material, using high count glass fiber yarn, divided into velvet and mixed with other high temperature resistance The fibers are needle punched to improve corrosion resistance and flexural performance, making the felt layer more compact, and the entanglement between the fibers is enhanced, and the high temperature filter material with three-dimensional pores can cope with higher filtering wind speeds. The biggest difference between Fluormes and other high-temperature dust-removing cloth bags is that they have a good broad spectrum, which can be used under various working conditions and are impregnated with PTFE emulsion. The mouth of the flumesi dust bag is made of stainless steel spring ring, the bag head is the outer interface, the vertical side is diagonally seamed, and the outer layer is then wrapped with filter material.

FMS dust bag is compounded with various high temperature resistant fibers to give full play to the function of chemical treatment and realize the combination of organic materials and inorganic materials, so that the veil and base fabric of the high temperature resistant Flumes dust bag are covered with a layer of organic Film; it also gives full play to the role of physical post-production and processing technology, and the high-temperature resistant Flumes dust bag obtains a high-quality surface state and achieves multi-functional practical effects. The high-temperature resistant Fluoromesi filter bag maintains the excellent performance of the glass fiber fabric's compressive strength, high temperature resistance, dimensional stability and no deformation according to the composite; it also fully exerts the characteristics of chemical fiber abrasion resistance and good flexural resistance. Fluorome The material characteristics of the dust filter bag are obviously improved, and the price is affordable. The surface of the filter material is beautiful and generous, smooth, soft to the touch, and rigid.

Weight of Flumes dust bag: >800g/㎡

Material: PPS, glass fiber/glass fiber base cloth Thickness: 2.5-3.5mm

Air permeability: 10-20m3/m3·min Warp tension: >2000N/5×20㎝

Weft tension: >2000N/5×20㎝ Warp elongation: <10%

Weft elongation: <10% Operating temperature: ≤200℃, 230℃ for a short time

Post-treatment: PTFE treatment, calendering

Flumes dust bag is widely used in high temperature flue gas filtration and dust removal and material recovery in various industrial furnaces and kilns such as chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, carbon black, power generation, and cement.

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