PTFE bag for dust collection filter bag selection (below)

Dec 14, 2021

The ptfe dust bag has a pore diameter of 0.1-3.5m, and the pore porosity reaches 75-90%. Such a high microporous porosity allows tiny water vapor molecules to diffuse freely through the gaps of the film, and therefore allows a large amount of dense water vapor to pass freely. However, the ptfe dust bag is extremely hydrophobic, and water cannot penetrate the microporous film. Since PTFE has good performance on any chemical substance, ptfe dust bag can be used in various chemical production technologies.

  The F atom in the PTFE molecule is symmetrical, the two elements in C-F are covalently combined, there are no free electrons in the molecule, and the whole molecule is neutral. Make PTFE have excellent dielectric properties. Because there is an inert fluorine-containing shell outside the PTFE molecule, it has outstanding non-stick performance and low friction coefficient.
     PTFE has outstanding excellent comprehensive properties, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, non-stick, self-lubricating, excellent dielectric properties, and a very low coefficient of friction.

The mechanical properties of ptfe bag made of polytetrafluoroethylene are soft. Has very low surface energy. PTFE has a series of excellent performance:

  High temperature resistance: long-term use temperature 200~260 degrees;

   Low temperature tolerance: -100 degrees is also very soft

   Corrosion resistance: can withstand aqua regia and all organic solvents;

   Weather resistance: aging life in plastic;

  High lubrication: the smaller coefficient of friction in plastics (0.04);

   Non-stickiness: no substance attached, with small surface tension in solid materials;

  Non-toxic: physiologically inert; excellent electrical properties, is an ideal c-level insulating material, the thickness of newspaper can further shield the high voltage of 1500V; smoother than ice.

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