Introduction of mechanical dust collector

Nov 22, 2021

Mainly refers to the dust removal equipment designed by the application of dust inertia and gravity, such as gravity sedimentation chambers, inertial dust collectors, cyclones and other high-concentration dust collectors, etc., mainly used for the separation or concentration of high-concentration coarse-particle dust .

The gravity settling chamber is a dust removal device that allows dust particles to settle and separate from the airflow by gravity. The main advantages of the gravity sedimentation chamber are simple structure, low investment, low pressure loss and easy maintenance. But its large size and low efficiency can only be used as a pre-dust removal device for high-efficiency dust removal to remove larger and heavier particles.

The inertial dust collector is a dust removal device that changes the direction of the airflow sharply and uses the inertial force of the dust particles to separate them from the airflow. In terms of it, the higher the airflow velocity, the greater the angle of the airflow direction change, the more the number of changes, the higher the purification efficiency, and the greater the pressure loss. The inertial dust collector is used to purify metal and mineral dust with large density and particle size, and has a high dust removal efficiency.

The cyclone dust collector is a dust removal device that rotates the dust-containing airflow and uses centrifugal force to separate particles from the airflow. The dust particles contained in the airflow are subjected to centrifugal force to settle on the outer wall during the rotating movement process, and the dust particles that reach the outer wall fall into the ash hopper along the wall under the combined action of the airflow and gravity.

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