Matters needing attention when choosing dust filter bag

Jan 03, 2022
When choosing a dust filter bag, you need to pay attention to many factors: such as the material of the dust collector bag, the selection of working conditions, and the size design. Wet and dry use, efficiency level, space limitation, pressure level, energy consumption, etc. Another question that engineers must consider is whether to purchase an off-the-shelf dust removal system or configure a custom-designed solution for your facility. This issue requires careful consideration and careful review of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Requirements for the selection of dust collection bag

One of the most important factors in the question of whether it is customized or ready-made is the processing requirements. For example, if exhaust gas must contain particulate pollutants below a certain threshold, and you choose to use an off-the-shelf solution, it may not meet these requirements.

Requirements may include: requirements for prohibiting the use of silica dust, requirements for the removal of explosive dust and particulate matter such as flour, and prohibitions on the discharge of heavy metals, toxic gases and environmental pollutants into the air. These may require specialized filters, airflow patterns, physical space limitations, and other considerations that many off-the-shelf systems may not be able to accommodate.

Unusual application of dust collector filter bag

A special way to request a customized solution might be if material recovery is required. For example, your setup involves the use of titanium or other precious metals that have been cut, polished or otherwise atomized during processing. In these cases, the dust generated is more than just waste. On the contrary, it is a valuable material, and its recovery is essential.

For these settings, material recycling requires a higher level of equipment design. The customized solution provides the opportunity to use very special filters/elements, pre-cleaners, intake and exhaust devices and dust collectors to ensure the filtration and capture of metals. Off-the-shelf systems may lack these necessary components.

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