Needle punching process of dust removal filter material (1)

Nov 05, 2021

The main technological process of the needle punched non-woven filter material for the bag filter is: opening-mixing-fine opening-carding-netting-needle punching-finishing-slitting bag making.

Needling is another important process after the dust removal filter material is processed and carded. Needling is to consolidate the fiber web layer and the base cloth layer together with a needle to form a needle punched non-woven felt material.

Pre-needling machines are available in the form of single-needle board, double-needle board, etc., which are used to form a web that has been carded and laid into a certain technological requirement through pre-needling to initially entangle and shape the web, so as to minimize the drafting of the formed web , To ensure that the fiber web direction of the fibril web remains unchanged. The main acupuncture machine has the form of single needle plate, double needle plate and double needle zone. It is divided into upper and lower same position needle punching, upper and lower different position needle punching, etc., which is to further needle the fiber web that has been initially entangled by the pre-needling machine. Needle entanglement, so as to achieve the entanglement effect and needle punch density required by the process. Shaving needle punching machine has single shaft oil tank type double needle plate double needle zone eccentric needle punching type, double shaft oil tank type four needle plate double needle area same needle punching type and other forms. The surface of the woven fabric is smooth, without obvious needle marks, streaks and other defects.

Yuanchen Technology always pays attention to product quality and quality first, and invests in the introduction of advanced Autefa acupuncture production line from Germany for the production of acupuncture filter materials. The production line is equipped with 3 needling machines and 1 automatic needle changing machine to escort the final product.

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