PI Fiber VS P84 Fiber

Aug 10, 2021

Polyimide fiber is spun from polyamic acid or polyimide solution. Due to the high density of aromatic rings in its molecular structure and the phthalimide structure in macromolecules, polyimide fiber has Excellent heat resistance, radiation resistance, high strength and high modulus, flame retardancy and other properties, has become one of the fast-developing high-performance fibers.

Polyimide fiber is mainly used for high temperature dust removal. Polyimide fiber dust bag is mainly used in asphalt mixing, cement kiln and garbage incineration industries. With the development of its manufacturing process, polyimide fibers have gradually been widely used in aerospace, new building materials, environmental industries, fireproof materials, etc.

Usually we will see P84 fiber, PI fiber, Yilun, imported P84, domestic P84 and so on. Imported P84 is a representative polyimide fiber product from abroad, while domestically produced P84 or PI fiber is a polyimide fiber produced in my country, also known as Yilun. So what is the difference between these two fibers?

(1) Microscopic cross section: P84 fiber, the most well-known is its trilobal cross section, so it has a relatively large specific surface area and a good filtering effect. The PI fiber section is mostly circular.

(2) Color: P84 fiber is golden yellow, and the fiber is fluffy. PI fiber is brownish red, which is darker than P84.

(3) Performance: Both P84 fiber and PI fiber have excellent temperature resistance, up to 260°C. In order to improve spinnability, diisocyanate is added to the raw material of P84 fiber, which causes the fiber's heat resistance stability to be lower than that of PI fiber, which has a longer replacement cycle.

(4) Price: The first monomer of P84 uses ketone anhydride, the market price is about 400,000-500,000 yuan/ton, while the PI fiber uses homoanhydride, the market price is only 70,000 yuan/ton, so P84 is better than PI The price is much higher.

Considering comprehensively, the three-lobed cross section of P84 brings higher filtration efficiency. PI has advantages in temperature stability and price. We can consider the use of different fibers according to different working conditions. At the same time, if PI fiber wants to replace P84 fiber, there are still some problems. Challenges, process complexity, no reference technology, low market recognition, etc.

The commonly used fibers of Yuanchen Technology include polyester, acrylic, PPS, aramid, PTFE, glass fiber, etc. Its high-efficiency dust removal filter material uses high-performance fiber and high-strength base cloth as the main raw materials, and the product has a sophisticated production process and is mainly used in thermal power generation. , Building materials, steel, waste incineration, chemicals, glass and other industries can comprehensively improve my country’s air pollution prevention and control capabilities, achieve ultra-clean emissions, and meet major national strategic needs in the field of environmental protection.

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