Symposium on Women Entrepreneurs and Technologists in the Province to Celebrate the March 8th Festival was held in Yuanchen Technology

Mar 04, 2022

The women's meritorious deeds blossom, and they strive to forge ahead into the new era. On March 3, the symposium on the celebration of the March 8th Festival of female entrepreneurs and scientific and technological workers in the province hosted by the Anhui Scientists and Entrepreneurs Association and the Anhui Provincial Academicians and Experts Association was held in Yuanchen Technology. Anhui Province "March 8th Red Banner Bearer" , representatives of female technology workers and female entrepreneurs gathered together to recall the past, work hard to create achievements in the form of on-the-spot inspections and sharing and exchanges; Women's Day.

The symposium was fragrant. Mr. Hong Jiayou, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hefei Preschool Teachers College and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Anhui Scientists and Entrepreneurs Association, presented flowers to the honorary winners of the "March 8th Red Banner Bearer" in Anhui Province of the Association, congratulating them on their honors. Man, and on behalf of the association, I would like to extend holiday greetings to everyone!

 Ms. Liang Yan, general manager of Yuanchen Technology, reviewed her entrepreneurial journey as a representative, and said that there were both harvests and hardships along the way. In the face of difficulties, you can't shrink back, you can only bite the bullet and keep up with the development of the country. It takes hard work, especially at present The implementation of the national dual-carbon strategy has been confirmed. Local governments have issued a lot of policy support, and the business environment has been further optimized. It is necessary for women entrepreneurs to take advantage of the trend, follow the trend, and seize the opportunity to become bigger and stronger. Of course, enterprise development is not achieved overnight. It requires not only clear strategic goals, specific and implementable strategic plans and an excellent team, but also an excellent corporate culture and an organic integration of corporate strategies. The most important thing is to play the battle fortress of the party branch. The role and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and then drive the thinking of all members. Only with a high degree of unity of mind can we have the same direction and focus on one place, and then promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

She pointed out that along the way, she always had a grateful heart, thanked the founders and partners for their joint efforts in pursuit of their dreams, and thanked provincial and municipal leaders and organizations for their support and help in times of difficulties. There is a long way to go. In the future, women can still hold up the sky, and there is a lot to do. We need to learn from each other, promote each other, grow together, and write a new chapter of female power in the new era.

   Afterwards, female tech workers and female entrepreneurs at the meeting talked about their thoughts, work and life with the theme of "Exhibiting Style, Talking about Science and Technology, and Seeking Development". Everyone expresses their opinions and speaks freely, and tells how their own entrepreneurship started, grows and develops. Combined with the actual development of the enterprise, they have spoken out and put forward opinions and suggestions.

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