Yuanchen Technology and Anhui Vocational and Technical College held the signing ceremony of "Model Teacher Enterprise Practice Station"

Mar 03, 2022

On March 2, the signing ceremony of the "Model Teacher Enterprise Practice Station" was held in Anhui Vocational and Technical College. Mr. Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, Mr. He Hongman, Chairman of Anhui Fengyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Mr. Sun Jinghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Anhui Vocational and Technical College, and relevant persons in charge of various units attended the awarding ceremony.

On behalf of the school, Principal Sun Jinghua extended a warm welcome to all the guests and cooperative enterprises, and pointed out that the establishment of the "exemplary teacher enterprise practice mobile station" is to deepen the integration of production and education, and promote the education chain, talent chain, industrial chain and innovation chain. The organic connection and the beneficial exploration of accelerating the supply-side structural reform of human resources will effectively promote the deep organic integration of production and education between enterprises and colleges and universities, and release greater cooperation momentum and cooperation efficiency. In the next step, the school will closely connect with enterprises, create a good platform and environment for the development of the "exemplary teacher-enterprise practice mobile station", actively explore the establishment of an effective mechanism for school-enterprise joint training of high-level teachers, and jointly educate people and work together in school and enterprise. Research, co-construction of institutions, sharing of resources, etc. are intensive and meticulous, and make unremitting efforts to create a typical benchmark for industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation.

 Mr. Xu Hui, chairman of Yuanchen Technology, briefly introduced the basic situation of the company, emphasizing that vocational education undertakes the important responsibility of cultivating diverse talents for the country, inheriting skills and promoting employment and entrepreneurship. The establishment of the "exemplary teacher-enterprise practice mobile station", on the one hand, enables teachers to study in enterprises, promotes teachers to stand at the forefront of the industry, and improves professional knowledge and practical ability; Skill level increases. Through the cooperation form of "going out and inviting in", we will further promote the closeness and depth of the deep integration of production and education between enterprises and schools. He pointed out that in recent years, the state and local governments, schools and enterprises have made extensive and in-depth explorations on the practice policies of teachers and enterprises in vocational colleges. policy and practice basis. Through school-enterprise cooperation, it is believed that on the platform of the "exemplary teacher-enterprise practice mobile station", the transformation of industry-university-research achievements will be further promoted, and the existing talent training policies will be utilized to jointly cultivate more outstanding talents. Our Yuanchen Technology will also fully open up various cooperation resources for schools, aiming at business needs and brand building, to find the convergence point of the interests of enterprises, schools and teachers, and to provide teachers with an industry practice platform to learn more about industry trends and Technological innovation finally forms a win-win effect of technology sharing, cooperative research and development, skill dissemination, and achievement transformation between enterprises and school teachers, and strives to create a benchmark for school-enterprise cooperation.

Sail together in the same boat, and sail thousands of miles through the wind and waves. This teacher enterprise practice mobile station is a practical measure of Yuanchen Technology in response to the country's promotion of practical and efficient development of vocational education, deepening the integration of production and education, and mutual benefit and win-win between schools and enterprises. The construction of a platform has laid a solid foundation for vigorously solving the practical work of teachers and enterprises, promoting the in-depth cooperation between schools and enterprises and the integration of production and education, and has established a model of win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.

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