The demand for flue gas treatment in the non-electric industry is huge

Apr 15, 2021

With the rapid economic development, the air pollution problems caused by the development of my country’s power, waste incineration, cement, steel and other industries have become more and more prominent. The country attaches great importance to pollution control from the source, and the emission standards of air pollutants are becoming stricter, which makes downstream industries in There is a lot of room for improvement in structural adjustment and technological upgrading. As the national pollution control requirements become higher and higher, filter materials and denitrification products have broad market development prospects, which will bring new market opportunities for Yuanchen Technology, especially in the non-electrical industry.

The main sources of smoke and NOx emissions in the atmosphere are the power industry and non-electric industries such as steel and cement. After effective governance, the thermal power industry has been transformed from a key industry for air pollution control to a model industry for air pollution prevention and control. Compared with the emission reduction of pollutants in the thermal power industry, the non-electric industry has an increasing impact on my country’s pollution.

The National Economic Statistics Yearbook shows that in 2018, my country’s steel production was 930 million tons, accounting for 51% of the world’s total; cement clinker production was 2.21 billion tons, accounting for 56%; flat glass was 870 million boxes, accounting for 52%, and electrolytic aluminum was 36 million tons. , Accounting for 57%. In addition, there are more than 400,000 coal-fired boilers in China. Among them, the emissions of flue gas dust and NOx account for more than 3/4 of the country.

During the coming 14th Five-Year Plan period, environmental protection policies are bound to promote the further development of the non-electricity industry flue gas treatment market. my country's atmospheric governance market has shifted from the gradual maturity of the power industry to the in-depth governance of the non-electricity industry. The non-electricity industry will become the key to winning the "blue sky defense" in the next stage. It can be seen that the non-electric industry flue gas treatment contains huge market opportunities, which is a major motivation for Yuanchen Technology's future growth.

As a national-level high-tech enterprise, Yuanchen Technology takes the road of "industry-university-research" integration, continuously digests and absorbs advanced technologies at home and abroad, owns independent intellectual property rights, forms continuous innovation capabilities, and explores contract energy management and online carbon emission monitoring with end users , Future cooperation space in the field of energy audit. This has established an advantageous position in the field of coordinated pollution reduction and carbon reduction.

The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference clearly identified carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as one of the eight key tasks, which fully reflects the great importance of the Party Central Committee on this work. To achieve the carbon peak, carbon neutral and medium- and long-term goals is not only my country's responsibility to actively respond to climate change and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, but also an inevitable requirement for my country to implement new development concepts and promote high-quality development. In the future, Yuanchen Technology, as a pioneer in the field of coordinated pollution reduction and carbon reduction, will also leverage the capital market to truly become the guardian of the world's environmental friendliness and human health.

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