Yuanchen Technology participated in the 4th China Cement Ultra-clean Emission Technology Exchange Conference

Jul 08, 2021

On June 29, 2021, the "Fourth China Cement Ultra-clean Emission Technology Exchange Conference" hosted by China Cement Network was successfully held in Taihang State Guest House, Shijiazhuang, Hebei. With the theme of "Ultra-Low Emissions, Scientific Carbon Reduction and Green Development", the conference focused on energy conservation, emission reduction and carbon neutrality in the cement industry, bringing together more than 500 representatives from industry leaders, technical experts, cement companies and equipment vendors. Mr. Chen Zhi, Deputy General Manager of Yuanchen Technology, together with Mr. Wang Hailin, General Manager of Environmental Business Department, and Dr. Xu Xiaolong from the Science and Technology Research Institute attended the conference.

Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", my country's cement industry has developed rapidly, and great changes have taken place in terms of energy saving and emission reduction, production scale and co-processing. As the country has gradually increased its efforts to control air pollutant emissions in the cement industry, especially in recent years, the power industry has gradually achieved ultra-low emissions, and the cement industry has achieved ultra-low emissions (PM, SO2, and NOx are respectively implemented at 10 mg/m³, The emission limits of 35 mg/m³ and 50 mg/m³) have become the general trend.

Zhejiang, Shandong, Anhui, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and other places have successively introduced local standards to further tighten the emission standards of pollutants in the cement industry. Carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality are also problems to be solved urgently in the development of the cement industry. At this meeting, Mr. Qiao Longde, the former president of China Building Materials Federation, suggested that the cement industry should actively launch and promote low-carbon and carbon capture, utilization, and trading. Yuanchen Technology will contribute its unique strength to the cement industry in terms of carbon emission reduction, capture and utilization through related products and technologies.

Mr. Chen Zhi, deputy general manager of Yuanchen Technology, made a report on "Cement Flue Gas Treatment Technology and Application" on behalf of the company, and introduced the technology and technology of Yuanchen Technology in cement kiln flue gas dust removal and denitration to the participants. Product innovations include Noda® special series filter materials for cement kilns, alkali-resistant SCR denitrification technology, high-dust and wear-resistant SCR denitrification technology, low-pore SCR denitrification technology and "dust nitrate filter" dust removal and denitrification catalytic filter material.

During the meeting, the participants of Yuanchen Technology had in-depth exchanges with participants interested in our technology and products at the company's booth.

In the future, Yuanchen Technology will continue to carry out technological innovation, continuously launch high-quality cement kiln flue gas treatment products, provide customers with satisfactory full life cycle services, and help my country's cement industry achieve the goal of "3060 carbon emission reduction" as soon as possible.

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