The party branch of Yuanchen Technology organized a party history study and education special organization life meeting

Sep 03, 2021

On August 31, the Yuanchen Science and Technology Party Branch organized a party meeting with the theme of“learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical things, and opening up a new situation”and conscientiously implemented the requirements of“learning history to be clear, learning history to increase credit, learning history to respect morals, and learning history to practice”. Organize a life meeting on the topic of history learning and education. Comrade Liang Yan, secretary of the party branch, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. All party members of the party branch attended the meeting.



Before the meeting, the Party branch of Yuanchen Technology carried out intensive study in accordance with the requirements of the higher-level party committee; branch members and party members conducted extensive and in-depth talks and solicited opinions with each other, and carefully wrote control inspection materials to investigate their own existence. The problems of the organization laid the ideological foundation, psychological foundation, problem foundation and material foundation for the convening of the thematic organization life meeting.


At the meeting, Secretary Liang Yan summarized the work of party building in Yuanchen’s science and technology in the first half of the year, clarified issues such as carrying out party history learning and education, contacting and serving party members, and avoiding formalism and bureaucracy. He deeply analyzed the causes of the problems and pointed out In the second half of the year, the direction of party building and party history study and education.



Afterwards, the comrades participating in the meeting made speeches one by one according to the theme of the meeting, and conducted a serious investigation and in-depth analysis on the study of party history, work, thinking, and style. Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the learning materials designated by the Party Central Committee were exchanged and shared. According to the requirements of the party’s history learning and education goals, combined with the actual work of personal ideological learning, they carried out inspections and carried out criticism and self-criticism. The problem put forward the promise of rectification measures, and achieved the goal of "united-criticized-united".


Finally, Secretary Liang Yan summarized the development of this special organization’s life and pointed out that at present, most of the company’s party members are middle-level and above managers. While focusing on business work, it is necessary to strengthen the leadership of party building and promote business work and party building. Deep integration of work. In the next step, the company will continue to focus on the theme of "learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical work, and opening up a new game", strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", achieve "two safeguards", and continue to develop party history in depth Study and education. It is necessary to combine party history learning and education with actual positions, and earnestly apply the results of party history learning and education to various tasks that promote the company's high-quality development.



It is reported that since the development of party history learning and education, the party branch of Yuanchen Technology responded quickly, carefully deployed, and acted actively, formulating implementation plans, combining the "three meetings and one lesson" and other "prescribed actions" for learning and education. At the same time, innovate forms to improve the effectiveness of learning and education, actively carry out red film viewing activities, and go to the red education base to receive revolutionary education. Adopt the "online + offline" learning method, interactive learning through online learning platforms such as the Qianguo App, Party History Learning Education WeChat Official Account and other online learning platforms, and writing experience; offline group learning and individual self-study methods are adopted to focus on The Party History Study and Education appoints study materials to carry out study and reading exchanges, and make study notes to ensure that the coverage of Party History study and education reaches 100%.

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