Yuanchen Model Worker | Li Tingting: The original heart reflects the transformation of life

Sep 03, 2021

Workers who do not understand the production drawings at first can grow into "professional and proficient" cadres; with an ordinary degree, they can also "show their skills" in special positions...The splendid and extraordinary skills brought about by skills often bloom in the first line of production and factory workshops. .


Founded in 2005, Yuanchen Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has both high-efficiency dust removal filter materials and SCR denitration catalyst R&D, design, production, and waste catalyst recovery and regeneration qualifications. Along the way, Yuanchen has made great achievements in science and technology because the company always regards talents as its core competitiveness and is willing to devote its energy to cultivating talents.



"It's not just about doing'rough work', it's the capital to improve oneself"


"I'm just an ordinary person. I try my best to do everything in an ordinary position." This short sentence is Li Tingting, the monitor of the filter bag workshop, commented on her work.


Why is she? It depends on having a heart that loves learning. When I first started, Li Tingting, who only had a junior high school education, couldn't even understand the production drawings, and couldn't get involved in key tasks. It was really a black eye. Faced with the lack of theoretical knowledge, she purchased a large number of technical books at her own expense, insisted on studying assiduously in her spare time every day, and filled several notebooks with notes. Diligent study and practice, apprenticeship to learn art, how fulfilling the road of skill study. However, it was this enthusiasm for learning that allowed Li Tingting to gradually become a "great god" in his post from a "noise white" who knew nothing at the beginning.


In March 2020, a new pleated filter bag production line was added to the filter bag workshop. During the debugging process, some people said that the pleated filter bag is not easy to make and they are unwilling to learn. At this time, the workshop director came to Li Tingting and said, "Go and follow the master." After a moment of silence, Li Tingting replied firmly, "Yes"!



No one is born with skill and skill. In the stories of artisans from big countries, there is the same enthusiasm for research and study. Although I have never seen a fold device, Li Tingting believes that she can do it.


However, when the installer saw her, he shook his head: This device can only be moved by gay men, and lesbians don't have that much strength! Hearing this, Li Tingting was immediately unhappy: This is looking down on lesbians! No matter how difficult it is, I have to learn it.


Li Tingting, who was determined, quickly entered the state. In order to make this production line work as soon as possible, Li Tingting borrowed relevant books and materials, went home to study at night, the master to operate the machine during the day, constantly fumbled, tried repeatedly, and finally got the equipment running normally.


Li Tingting devoted himself to this job. "You can use the skills you have learned so that you can feel that you are a useful person." Li Tingting said, "Technology represents ability and hard work represents quality. But more importantly, people must learn and learn well."


"Strive to adapt to the needs of the job, but also to be able and skillful"


In addition to adapting to the needs of the job, how to do work more skillfully, faster, and better is a problem that Li Tingting often ponders. The pursuit of skills is endless. Only by observing, producing, practicing, modifying, and re-practicing over and over again can we continuously solve practical problems and create greater value for the enterprise and society.



Li Tingting, who is familiar with the pleated filter bag production line, did not stop there, but continued to study. Due to the low initial output, the company decided to produce in two shifts. In order to improve efficiency, Li Tingting not only passed on experience and shared experience everywhere, but also shifted work from day shift to night shift. However, this was a big test for her: she was afraid of equipment problems when she went to the night shift.


Sure enough, there was a problem on the first day of the night shift: no matter how the bag was pulled, the welding was not strong. Li Tingting has been debugging for a long time, but it still doesn't work. It is already 2 o'clock in the morning, and the maintenance personnel have already left work. What should I do? Nearly collapsed, she did not choose to admit defeat. Instead, she adjusted her mentality. On the one hand, she checked each work station patiently and meticulously, communicated with the management staff, and carefully recalled the knowledge she had learned. At 4:30 in the morning, she had been busy and refused to give up. Based on the knowledge she learned during this period, she finally found the problem and solved it smoothly according to the principles, and the equipment started normally. Looking at each qualified product, Li Tingting's heart was full of pride at that moment, and she also understood that there is nothing difficult in the world, as long as she is willing to work hard.


Nowadays, it has become a habit of Li Tingting to keep studying every day. As she studied more deeply and mastered every operation of the equipment, she increased the output to more than 10 times. This "unacceptable" production line, after her debugging, successfully landed in the workshop, and began to show its skills, every step is getting more and more practical and perfect.



Choosing one thing, Zhong Yisheng is the most distinctive mark on the model workers and craftsmen, and the most moving part of the "craftsman spirit". However, in order to do a good job and perform well, in addition to continuous research and innovation, you also need to have a strong sense of mission, perseverance, and responsibility, and constantly promote technical innovation on the job and the improvement of your own comprehensive quality.


The change of market thinking and the upgrading of product technology require our front-line workers not only to be able to work hard, but also to be able to work smartly. If they do not innovate, they will be eliminated sooner or later. Ms. Liang Yan, the general manager, once said that the growth of employees is also a way of innovation.


Create an atmosphere of "passing and helping" to pass on skills


This is the side that she dares to take up when she knows the difficulties, and there are many stories like this. In addition to these stories, she has no reservations, and proactively "passes on".


In Li Tingting's eyes, in addition to being a good one, there is also a good inheritance, so that technology is valuable. In order to increase the output of products, the workshop adopts a rotating production system. Everyone will work one by one. Due to the lack of technical staff, Li Tingting, who learned the news, didn't say a word, and took the initiative to participate in the hemming pure felt learning process. Through learning and practice, he quickly grasped the essentials, and helped colleagues to share the work and reduce staff pressure.



One person can run fast, but a group of people can run farther. In order to solve the problem of insufficient staff for high-speed machines, she summed up her own experience and carried out work on high-speed machine production operations and solving various problems in the production process. She adopted methods such as bringing the old to the new, pairing assistance, etc., and taught the students to master them through words and deeds. In various methods, 3 junior employees were newly trained, and production was arranged reasonably, which solved the bottleneck problem of high-speed machine production, and also allowed the trainees to learn and use.


She understands the advantages of a person at work. She said, I don’t have a high degree of education, but my dream is to learn every job skill well and do every product well, even as an ordinary worker, in my beloved company and ordinary work, myself The hard work and dedication are valuable and meaningful.


Labor is glorious! After correcting her career path, she must be honored and affirmed. Last year, she was promoted to the basic manager of the workshop. She successively won the second prize of the quality month activity team work competition, the quality star and other honors, and was named the company in 2020. Model worker in filter bag workshop.



Ingenuity is an attitude. The persistent pursuit of working, loving, dedicated, and precise, demonstrates the spirit of excellence, perseverance, dedication, dedication, and innovation. And today's persistence is precisely to promote the spirit of model workers, inherit the ingenuity, and pass on the belief and spirit of building dreams through labor and achieving dreams through struggle.


"Seeing that I am recognized by everyone, I feel a sense of accomplishment." Li Tingting said with a smile.

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