The research team of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee of Jiu San Society visited Yuanchen Technology

Aug 06, 2021

On July 27th, Dong Anxin, deputy chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Jiu San Society and vice chairman of the Benxi CPPCC, led a group of 5 cadres of the Jiu San Society’s Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and related enterprises and experts to visit Yuanchen Technology. Zhou Li, Minister of Political Participation of the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Jiu San Society, He Qingrui, Member of the Standing Committee of the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Hefei Municipal Committee Chairman, and Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, accompanied the investigation.

The investigation team first visited the experimental base of Confair Testing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuanchen Technology, and the Party Building Culture Exhibition Hall of Yuanchen Technology, to understand the corporate culture and development on the spot. Afterwards, in the meeting room, there were in-depth exchanges on Anhui Province's innovation policy and how to support continuous innovation of enterprises.

After understanding the innovation mechanism of Anhui Province, Chairman Dong and related enterprises and experts said that the rapid development of Anhui Province cannot be separated from the active guidance of governments at all levels. As a listed company on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, a key enterprise in Anhui Province, and a leading company in the industry, Yuanchen Technology can continue to innovate and drive upstream, downstream and surrounding companies to carry out collaborative innovation and common progress to achieve cluster development and high-quality development in industries, industries, and regions. , To give full play to the role of demonstration, leading and benchmarking of the enterprise. Chairman Dong said that in the future, the two provinces will continue to increase exchanges, learn from each other, discuss, and jointly promote technological progress and industry development.

Xu Hui, chairman of Yuanchen Technology, said that the country has created a very good environment and opportunities for the development of enterprises. Only by continuous innovation and continuous development can enterprises better serve the society. Yuanchen Technology will continue to face the forefront of the world, strengthen technological innovation, adhere to high-quality development, promote green and zero-carbon technological breakthroughs and innovations, and contribute to the country's carbon neutral goals.

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