Yuanchen Technology Party Branch went to Nanhu to carry out party history education activities

Jul 13, 2021

Relive the red memory and pay tribute to the century-old journey. On July 3, 2021, the party branch of Yuanchen Technology organized all party members and party activists to the Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall to carry out party history learning and education activities.

The Nanhu Revolutionary Memorial Hall takes "The Red Ship Set Sail" as the theme, and is divided into four parts: saving the nation, opening up a world, a glorious course, and moving toward revival. It also sets up "the life track of the representative of the Communist Party of China" and "the development history of the Party Constitution of the Communist Party of China", etc., which comprehensively explain The relationship between a big party and a small boat shows the glorious history of the Chinese Communists leading the people of the whole country to great victories in revolution, construction, and reform over the past 100 years.

In the memorial hall, all party members carefully watched every photo, every relic, listened to every story, experienced the revolutionary journey of the ancestors overcoming obstacles, and felt the original intention and belief of selfless dedication.

"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China and support the party's program..." Under the sonorous oath of the party branch secretary Comrade Liang Yan, all party members faced the North Korean red flag, clenched their right fists, and carried out a group with high morale and full enthusiasm. Sworn.

By revisiting the oath of joining the party, encourage the majority of party members to remember the original intention of joining the party, keep in mind the identity of party members, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, stand on their posts in the new era of forge ahead and build dreams and new journeys. Exemplary role.

After the visit and study, all party members expressed that they would take the predecessors of the revolution as an example, consciously strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, and earnestly learn history to be clear, to increase credit, to respect morality, and to practice history, and to combine party history study with practical work to better Serving enterprises, serving the society, serving the masses, and contributing to the realization of the second centenary goal.

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