Waste Non Woven filter cloth recycling problem

Jan 13, 2022

The problem of particulate pollution is becoming more and more serious, bag dust removal technology has been widely used, and the use and demand of filter materials are increasing. It is understood that currently in the field of industrial dust removal, the main battlefield of governance is basically delineated in thermal power, metallurgy, cement, etc., and the mainstream governance technologies are electrostatic dust removal and bag dust removal. Comparing these dust removal technologies, bag dust removal is the most widely used and fastest growing dust removal technology because of its stable and efficient dust removal function in a wide range of particle sizes and high dust removal efficiency for PM2.5. The dust filter bag is the core component of the bag filter. The variety, quality and technical level of the filter material are important conditions for the successful application and rapid development of the bag filter. The development and progress of bag filter is in the final analysis the development and progress of filter material. Many domestic scholars are devoted to the research on the dust removal efficiency of filter bags, but they have ignored the recycling of filter bags after use. The amount of filter material used in the bag filter every year corresponds to how much waste filter material will be replaced and waited for treatment. The problem of waste filter material recycling cannot be delayed.

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