Selection and Application of Dust Removal Filter Bags in Carbon Black Industry

Jan 04, 2022
The application fields of dust collection bags are very wide. Today, let me talk about the selection and application scenarios of dust collection bags in the carbon black industry. First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of carbon black flue gas: the gas after carbon black is separated from the flue gas. Exhaust gas contains a small amount of flammable gas components in addition to a small amount of carbon black. It is allowed to be directly discharged into the atmosphere, and it can also be reused as a secondary energy source. The black powder solid produced by the incomplete combustion and thermal cracking of carbon black, the particle size of the particles is very small, usually 20-140nm, and the existing forms are mainly aggregates. There are 4 types of emission locations for carbon black dust: main bag filter, exhaust bag filter, reprocessing bag filter exhaust, and dryer fire box exhaust.

The requirements of carbon black flue gas for dust removal cloth bag filtration: higher strength of dust removal cloth bag; better air permeability; higher dust removal efficiency; higher temperature resistance; better corrosion resistance, especially acid resistance; better cleaning Ash performance;

The influence factors of the selection of dust collection bag on the flue gas emission: different types of filter materials have different filtering accuracy. Generally speaking, the filter accuracy of the dust filter bag is in order: open width <needle felt filter material <bulk yarn filter material <membrane filter material; the effect of dust removal method on flue gas emission: under the same conditions, the pressure of dust removal The higher the value, the greater the impact on dust emissions; the impact of dust content in flue gas on flue gas emissions: under the same conditions, the higher the cleaning pressure, the greater the impact on dust emissions; the production level and sealing performance of dust removal equipment , Welding level and pipeline tightness all directly affect the flue gas emission concentration.

Generally recommended to use PTFE dust bag, also known as "Plastic King" is a polymer compound made of tetrafluoroethylene through polymerization, with excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, airtightness, high lubrication, non-sticking, and electrical insulation. And good anti-aging endurance. High temperature resistance-the working temperature can reach 260℃; corrosion resistance is inert to most chemicals and solvents, and can withstand strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents; weather resistance has aging life in plastics; high lubrication is solid The material with the coefficient of friction in plastics; non-adhesion is the small surface tension of solid materials and does not adhere to any substances.

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