Why is the dust filter bag damaged after long-term use?

Apr 28, 2022

The dust filter bag will be damaged due to long-term continuous use, such as failure and other reasons. Therefore, we need to analyze the daily use of the dust cloth bag. The common reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag are mainly reflected in several aspects. For example, we usually remove dust In the case of bag filtration, if the wind speed is too high, the dust removal bag will be damaged; the other is the temperature of the dust removal bag. If the temperature is too high, it may also cause the dust removal bag to burn out; and whether the filter medium of the dust removal bag is not There are various corrosive substances such as acid and alkali, which will directly affect the damage of the dust removal bag. Finally, we need to be able to find a regular dust removal bag manufacturer to produce high-quality dust removal bags, so that we can better Guarantee the quality of our dust collector bag.

dust removal bag manufacturer

1. Dust medium

The choice of dust filter bag cloth depends on the dust properties of the dust, and it is necessary to consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali or strong corrosive substances. Select the suitable filter material according to the nature of the dust, so that the filter bag can absorb the dust normally without affecting its service life.

2. Product quality

The processing of cloth bags is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers use small sewing machines as processing equipment, and use inferior threads as raw materials for processing, which are fake and real, and the processing level is far behind. So that the filter bag will open lines, cracks, bottoms and other phenomena in a short time of use. Although the size of the cloth bag is slightly smaller, it can also be used, but after absorbing the dust with a larger specific gravity, the bag will drop out after a period of use.

3. Filter wind speed

The filter wind speed of the bag filter is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust bag. In recent years, some units have blindly reduced equipment costs and increased profits. When designing a bag filter, the filter wind speed has been increased. In a short period of time, the user has no obvious response, but the service life of the filter bag is shortened. In this way, instead of saving money for customers, it brings a very large economic burden and wastes time.

4. Use temperature

The key to the filter bag is to correctly select the dust filter bag suitable for the corresponding dust temperature. If the temperature is too high, the selected dust filter bag will exceed the normal use temperature, the filter bag will shorten the service life in light, and will be burned in a short time in serious cases. Therefore, when selecting the filter bag, the temperature of the dust collector should be measured and calculated, and the corresponding dust filter bag should be selected.

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