What kind of dust filter bag should be selected for the wood machine factory?

Apr 28, 2022
For different industries, we need to choose the appropriate dust removal bag according to different working conditions, different industries, and different requirements. Here we talk about the wood machinery industry, where the main purpose of the industry is to filter dust and prevent static electricity. Therefore, we need to focus on these two aspects when making the dust collector bag. In addition to the advantages of high open space, good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life, the anti-static polyester needle-punched felt cloth bag has the advantages of high open space, good air permeability, and long service life. , In addition to the characteristics of moderate acid and alkali resistance, it also has very good wear resistance.

The anti-static polyester needle-punched felt cloth bag is made of polyester fine denier and large chemical fiber filaments to improve the production of polyester (polyester) fiber needle-punched filter felt by the predecessor equipment, which can mix a variety of fibers evenly and quantitatively, and then use multiple mixed open cotton units and The carding unit is conducive to the layering and compounding and gradient transformation of different fibers between the fiber webs. Anti-static polyester needle-punched felt bag is the mainstream of the wood machinery industry. Anti-static wire is introduced into the production process of dust bag manufacturers, which has anti-static properties and is often used for dust purification in chemical plants, or dust purification in flour mills, dust purification in coal powder factories The dust and flue gas generated in the above environment are low in nature, and are easily exploded in case of open fire, sparks, static electricity, etc. In this case, use an anti-static dust removal bag to eliminate the existence of dust and static electricity, and use the entire dust removal process reliably.

anti-static polyester needle-punched felt cloth bag

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