Analysis on the Cleaning Method of Boiler Dust Removal Filter Bag

Jan 04, 2022

Boilers are the industry with the widest range of dust collectors on the market. The function of the boiler dust collector bag is to collect the flue gas and dust. Long-term use will cause a lot of dust to accumulate on the surface of the dust collector, so it is better to deal with it on time. The dust removal efficiency. The following centralized methods are mainly adopted.

Dust removal: Use high-frequency vibration to remove the larger dust particles entering the wall of the dust collector bag as much as possible, and will not affect the entanglement fastness of the fiber, and maintain a good dust removal of the dust collector bag.

Chemical experiment processing: extract cloth bag samples, use professional equipment to test the oily content of the filter bag, so as to select suitable washing materials and clean the baghouse filter bag to the greatest extent without causing any damage to the filter bag.

Cleaning: Choose appropriate washing materials and strictly proportion, clean with low temperature water, uniform water flow, moderate strength, and no mechanical damage to the dust collector bag. Drying: Use hot air drying at around 110℃ to maintain the dimensional stability of the dust collector bag. After drying, the dust collector bag will not be deformed or retracted.

Repair: Repair the damaged filter bag due to abrasion and holes caused by use to ensure a high recycling rate.

Detection: Use the instrument to detect the physical indicators of the cleaned dust collector bag to ensure that the cleaning quality meets the requirements. The dust collector bag after the above process treatment and cleaning can fully meet the previous use requirements.

The material of the boiler dust collector bag is cloth or felt woven from synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber. Sew the cloth or felt into a cylindrical or flat filter bag as needed. According to the nature of the flue gas, the filter material suitable for the application conditions is selected.

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