Dust filter bags

Silicone Coating Filter Bag Cage

The filter bag cage is the support of filter bag and it should be light and easy for installation and maintenance. The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. Every cage we make can meet the requirement for tightness, smoothness and uprightness.
  • Item NO.:

    Bag Cage-sc-01
  • Product name:

    Filter Bag Cage
  • Size:

  • Material:

    Stainless Steel, Silicone Coating
  • MOQ:

    1 piece
  • Product Detail

Filter Bag Cage for Baghouse Filter


A. Round Style

Diameter (mm)

Bag Diameter (mm)

Length (mm)



2000;  2400;  2800

3200;  3600;  4000

4400;  4800;  5200

5600;  6000







B. Flat Style

Perimeter (mm)

Bag Perimeter (mm)

Length (mm)



2000; 3000; 4000



5000; 6000

C. Envelope Style

Length Width Thickness (mm)

Bag - Length Width Thickness (mm)



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