The activities of Yuanchen Technology Association are at the right time

Mar 28, 2022

In March of Fireworks, Vientiane is updated, and in the rhythm of the spring breeze, the activities of the Yuanchen Technology Association have begun! In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees, Yuanchen Technology has newly established a table tennis club, a billiard club, a dance club, a yoga club, a fishing club, a flower art club based on the original football club, basketball club, badminton club and running club. Tea art club, reading club, etc. All clubs are recruiting new members for all employees, expecting all members to participate and show infinite vitality in the splendid and varied activities.

The members of the yoga club sat down in turn at the designated venue. The teacher introduced the basic knowledge and efficacy of yoga to everyone, showed some basic movements of yoga, and led everyone to practice meditation, pranayama, posture, and rest. Through the aerobic exercise of meditation, everyone relaxes their minds, adjusts their breathing, stretches their limbs, and experiences a perfect physical and mental journey together.

Billiards is an elegant indoor sport that is widely popular in the world, an entertainment activity that tests psychological quality, and has a broad mass base. In the billiards room, the members exchanged and shared their experiences while exchanging skills, so that the fans could have more opportunities to improve their skills and make friends with the ball.

The game is going on intensely, everyone is paying attention to the rotation of the ball and the basket after the collision, looking forward to the wonderful performance of the players on the battlefield, this is the basketball players are playing. Basketball can not only strengthen the body, but also make the personality, self-confidence, willpower, enterprising spirit, self-discipline and other abilities have a good development, which is conducive to cultivating the moral quality of unity and cooperation, respect for opponents, and fair competition.

In addition, the fishing club enjoys a lot of fun in wild fishing, and the members of the flower art/tea art club taste the rich tea fragrance surrounded by flowers, and feel the beauty of spring on sunny days...

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